I left Saint Michael’s after Mass – was going to walk over to Saint Mary’s. While I was walking, Our Lord walked along next to me. He asked me if I would enter the Cloister to suffer for Him. I was so shocked that I argued all of the way over with Our Lord. I would tell Him that He would not ask that of me. I knelt down in the front seat at Saint Mary’s. Our Lord stood there to my right – Saint Dominic on the left. Our Lord asked me again. I said, “But, my Lord, I am married.” Jesus bent, took my hands in His wounded ones and said, “You belong to Me.”

Then Saint Dominic said, “I want you to spend your life begging graces for my children, ‘Beggars for souls for Christ.'”


This is a most significant grace. Our Lord asked Dorothy to enter the Dominican Cloister of Our Lady of Grace in North Guilford. She felt no attraction to life in a convent and the fact that she was married seemed to be an obstacle to what the Lord asked of her. When she put this to Him He simply stated the truth: she is His. In so doing Our Lord places His relation to Dorothy within a spousal context. It is most significant that in this event St. Dominic is also present since from the beginning Dorothy was placed under the care of St. Dominic as a father. He is Dorothy’s spiritual Father and here he himself commissions her with the duty to pray in a particular way for his Order, her brothers and sisters: to beg graces for “my children”.