At the six o’clock Mass – when I went up to receive Communion (Father served it before Mass). I had on the beautiful dress that Our Lord had shown me at Mass that morning in Guilford. Over my shoulders I had the red cloak (of Charity Our Lord had given me) it is lined with the white cloak of love given me by the Holy Ghost.

The flesh of Jesus absorbed me. I became one with Him. Love that is overpowering filled my heart, my body and my soul – “My Sweet White Dove.” I adored Him, He held my hand. On my finger He placed a ring. It’s a wide ring, looks like platinum, but more beautiful. On the top are two roses caressing each other – they were white, they are alive! I have never had it off but had to remove my other ring because it was in the way of the one Our Lord gave me. Looking so close, I saw the beauty of His eyes. He said, “You belong entirely to Me.” How could I doubt it with the love I felt!


Armed with the red cloak of charity from Jesus and the white cloak of love from the Holy Ghost, Our Lord espouses Dorothy, clothed in her wedding dress, by giving her a wedding ring. The ring has two roses caressing each other that signifying Jesus and Dorothy. From this day Doro-thy always saw this ring on her finger, though it was not visible to anyone else.