This morning Father offered his Mass for me. My Jesus showed me not His passion, suffering, but His Infinite Love. I knelt at Jesus’ feet, He was in soft white and wore a heavy gold cloak, a gold crown, plain and beautiful. Mary, in white and blue. On Her head, she wore a wreath of flowers, like liquid diamonds. Our Lord told me once before that they were made of the tears and the love of Her children. Next to me Saint Dominic, Saint Catherine, there was St. Joseph, Jude, Saint Teresa and the Little Flower. Many others. Angels as far as you could see. I had on the beautiful white dress Our Lord had shown me at the Mass at Guilford – like satin, only it was foamy – covered around the neck, wrist and hem with precious jewels, seed pearls and lace. Over my shoulders I wore the dark red cloak lined with the white one – the red Our Lord told me is Divine Charity, the white from the Holy Ghost, “love.”

As Our Lord took my hand and looked at me I said, “I, little Star of Mary, promise Obedience to You, my Jesus, to my Father Saint Dominic, to my spiritual director, according to the Rule and Form of the Order of Penance of Blessed Dominic until death. I little Star of Mary, out of pure love for You, my Jesus, in whose mercy and protection I place all my confidence, choose You, dear Jesus, for my Spouse and consecrate myself to You and promise You Chastity until death. Sweet Mother Mary, help me keep my pledge of love.”

When Our Lord came to me in Communion, His flesh, sweet bread of heaven, my Love on my tongue, then I could feel His fingers against my lips, His hands held like a cup. I drank His most precious blood. Then Jesus – in white with a heavy gold cloak – placed a beautiful blue star, a jewel, over my forehead (I still wear it) saying, “My little Star of Mary, you will shine with My love, through your sufferings, through Father’s Mass, you will lead many souls to Me.” Then He bent and I felt the thrill of His kiss on my cheek. – Oh My beloved sweet White Dove – I melt at His feet.

Our Lord, beautiful in white with a gold cloak, put two beautiful white roses in my hand and told me they were “fragile” and to give one to Father.