I was making a novena to Saint Anne at Our Lady of Victory Church. When I received Communion this morning, I felt the flesh, I tasted the sweetness of Our Lord’s flesh on my tongue – love, love – I held Him close to me as He drew me closer to Him. I was living alone at the time. On entering the outside door of the house suddenly I realized the power of Our Lord’s love – His flesh, on my tongue – the flesh of the Son of God – I could not move but fell prostrate at Our Lord’s feet, to love Him, to love Him. I must have stayed for hours.


In this second entry we see that these special graces about which Dorothy writes took place during a Novena to St. Anne since the 17th of July, the date of her first entry, is within the nine days preceding the Feast.

Dorothy’s new grace is centered upon the reception of the Sacrament of the Eucharist. She experiences within the depths of her soul the truth that in receiving the Eucharist one truly eats the flesh of Jesus. It was on this very point that the Jews quarreled about and would not accept, saying: “How can He give us His flesh to eat?” (Jn 6:52). Our Lord, however, insisted upon the necessity of feeding on His flesh in order to have eternal life and to be raised up by Him on the last day. Our Lord here gives Dorothy to experience in a real sensible way the truth that the Eucharist is verily His flesh. 

During this grace Dorothy experiences a prolonged state of ecstasy, probably much like the time when she was found by her family and sent to the hospital because they suspected her to be suffering from some psychological problem.