About this time whenever I was attending Holy Hour or the Blessed Martin Novena and the priest and people would start the rosary, I would find myself kneeling next to Our Blessed Mother. She would place her hand over mine, I would hear Her voice, sweet, rich. I would kneel unable to move as she told me the story of each mystery. Yet many times I would hear her voice and at the same time I would live each moment. Mary has often asked me to “Live Her Rosary.” “To all who come to me I will tell the story of My Rosary – The story of the Mass – the Life, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus.”


Here, as in the ninth entry, is indicated the important part played by the rosary in Dorothy’s spir-itual life as a victim of divine love. In the present entry Dorothy writes about how Our Blessed Mother teaches her to say the rosary while meditating upon the joyful, sorrowful and glorious mysteries. In this grace Mary makes a most significant statement about the nature of her rosary. The rosary is our link with Jesus through Mary, but it is centered up-on Jesus in the Mass because the mysteries of the rosary are the story of Jesus’ Sacrifice. How is this so? The Sacrifice which Our Lord offered on Calvary was that of His entire life, from the first moment of His conception in the womb of Mary to his last breath upon the cross. Thus, the joyful and sorrowful mysteries are the story of that life which he offered in sacrifice and the glorious mysteries recount those events follow as consequences from his Sacrifice. In this grace Our Blessed Mother not only makes a new and beautiful statement about the eucharistic nature of her rosary, but also a theo-logically profound statement about the very nature of Jesus’ Sacrifice which is made present by the celebration of the Eucharist: the rosary is the means whereby Our Blessed Mother draws her children into Jesus through his Sacrifice made present in the Eucharist, the very beginning and font of our every grace and salvation.