Our Lord told me many times to stay close to Mary on the road to Calvary. So several mornings in a row before Mass I would be with Our Blessed Mother. One morning as I was waiting next to Mary for Father’s Mass, I felt first that I was kneeling on soft dirt. I put my hands down and the warm sand of the road sifted through my fingers. Slowly before my eyes, the Church disappeared. There in place of the altar was the Garden of Olives down to one side – near the Blessed Virgin’s altar – it goes down a sloping hill – where you can see the whole world, great sections burning with a wild fire. To the right and from where I kneel with Mary is the road. In back there are hills, sometimes I see many souls – close to watch for Jesus. There on the road with Mary usually Saint John, Mary Magdalen. Mary’s hands soft over mine. Sometimes the light is dim on the road – sometimes Mary weeps. As Father came I did not see him but Jesus, His adorable head bent with sorrow. I leave Mary – rush to His side. So close to Him. I could hear Father’s voice, his prayers, his Mass in my heart. Prostrate with my Jesus I weep to see His eyes fill with tears, to see His body burn with pain. I am so bold, I take my hand and brush back His damp and matted hair, blood, with my hand I soothe his burning brow. Then Jesus turned by heart around and showed me the sins that cause His suffering. He told me of His lonesomeness, and how during His Agony in the Garden His most acute suffering was caused when the sins of this present age passed through His heart and soul. “No one can ever know the suffering of My heart or soul, but you will share the sufferings of My flesh – ‘Men are incredulous, they must be shown.'” Again, I see the tears in the loving eyes of Jesus. “In return, I will give you a love beyond the knowledge and imagination of men.”

We could hear the soldiers coming. I could feel the kiss of Judas on Jesus’ cheek. I fell at His feet and wept. “Oh Jesus, it is my sins that have betrayed You.” All through the night, all through the trials – Herod – Pilate. I hear him ask, “Art Thou a king?” I feel Our Lord’s back slightly straighten and I heard Him answer, “Thou hast said it.” Since then He has told me so often when He appears as Christ the King that His kingdom is in the hearts of men. When Father moved to the gospel side for a minute I saw him. Then quickly I witness the scourging of Jesus. I can hear the crack of the whips – see the blood ripple down Our Lord’s back. Sometimes I slip my hands across His tortured back, sometimes I throw myself across to break the blows. I feel the horror of the hands chained. Then in Jesus’ eyes I see “only love”. All through the passion of Jesus – It is the passion there just as it was on Calvary.

At the Elevation the heavens open and there (are) thousands of adoring angels. I see first the wound appear in the Host, then blood drop slowly down on the world. Sometimes I see souls coming closer, closer – some carried by angels. There I see the suffering crucified body of Jesus. I weep. “Oh my sweet White Dove, in the Kingdom of Your Heart let me build my only home.” There is Mary, Mary, Mother. He is your baby. I weep and wish to share the horror of Her suf-fering. Then I would hold Mary’s hand and a path of lovely clouds and an-gels form – and then Our Lord would come to me. His flesh and blood into my heart. I would melt into Him. Several times He whispered, “You will sing the Mass with your heart.”

Since then the beauty of the Mass increases daily. Since then I live by God’s grace so close in His Sacred Heart – I go with Him, through His passion.

At the Elevation of the Mass, Mary told me one day that, “heaven and earth are one.”