Christmas morning, early Mass. The sweetest flesh of Jesus on my tongue, slowly I could feel this petal going into my heart. His most precious blood like honey on my tongue. Then I found myself at the feet of Our Blessed Mother. I wore the black cloak Saint Dominic had given Christmas a year ago.

The light was almost blinding – there were many angels. Our Blessed Mother wore a high grace-ful gold crown and a blue veil, blue dress. In Her arms was Jesus.

As I bent low to adore the Divine Infant, He left His Mother’s arms and came close to me. He placed a heavy crown of thorns on my head. I felt His small soft hand press gently on my fore-head, through the hood of the cloak I could feel the points of the thorns.

My second priceless Christmas gift.


Dorothy’s usual Christmas gift is usually one that is connected with her vocation as a victim soul. Dorothy’s Christmas gift of 1947 was a heavy black cloak, the Dominican cloak of penance. This Christmas it again regards Dorothy’s vocation as a victim in union with Jesus, Mary and Dominic: a heavy crown of thorns.