Sitting on the bank by the side of the road where I usually find my Jesus alone. From where Our Lord sits He looks down on the world and often I see tears in His adorable eyes as they were when He wept over the city of Jerusalem. I prostrated myself at His feet and kissed the wounds in His feet, the bleeding sore wounds in His feet. His most precious blood flowing as freely as wine, in-toxicating, with love.

A few months before Our Lord had shown me the most beautiful and startling sight, the soul of my confessor, glorious in God’s heavenly graces. Now as the most precious blood filled my poor heart and soul, I felt my soul enclosed within the most beautiful soul of Father’s. I felt his love of Jesus as gentle as a soft wave against the beach upon my soul. Unable to bear this love I found strength and rest within Father’s soul. Into the adorable wound in Jesus’ feet I breathed all of this love, begging Him in His mercy to shower it on souls. Since then I never drink Our Lord’s blood without this wonderful consolation.


Both Our Lord and St. Dominic chose this confessor and spiritual director for Dorothy and in this grace Our Lord strengthens this bond and reverence for the priest who was chosen to direct Dorothy to Himself. He has shown her that she is in the heart of her confessor with through whom she is united with Jesus.