During my lunch hour I walked out to Saint Stanislaus Church. When it was time to go back to work I didn’t want to leave my Love alone in the Tabernacle. I stopped for a few minutes more in the last pew. There, over the altar, was a huge cross. On it was my Jesus, bleeding, suffering. All around Him were angels weeping. Reaching out to Him I cried, “Oh my Jesus, take my heart, deflate it completely of all self-seeking and pride, nail it to the foot of Your cross.” Then, hardly had I finished my prayer when two of the angels left the foot of the cross. A beautiful path of clouds opened down to me. Then I saw the angels carrying my heart up to Our Divine Lord, and place it at the foot of His cross.

I went back to work filled with a heavenly peace that comes only when our hearts are where they belong, at Our Lord’s feet.

Our Lord, as before, was so gentle and kind, His grace so natural for us to receive that it did not seem to be extraordinary to me. I just treasured it all – and I begged Our Lord that day for Poland, Peace for Poland.


In this grace, Our Lord shows Dorothy what is required of her to be a victim soul together with Him.  She must share in His passion, and to do this she must give her love entirely to Him with heroic humility. Mentioned in this grace is the ministry of angels to men.  Dorothy learned that peace is only given to those whose love is humble and obedient.  In her charity, Dorothy begs that Poland, which at that time was in the throes of World War II, might receive the gift of Jesus’ peace.